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An exhibition in simple words is an organized display & presentation of products and services of the core business or in full. Exhibition stand are three-dimensional stands fabricated and installed for a certain period to exhibit a product or service at exhibitions or any fair. Exhibitions are generally held in museums, galleries, exhibition halls, fairs, private events, etc.
An exhibition compromises of one or many exhibitors with an intention to display or sell products especially for marketing purpose. The visitor’s compromises of companies and individuals alike who want to get the latest & new products and services on the market. Exhibition carters to both B2B and B2C alike.
We have the expertise to fabricate a tailor-made exhibition stand to suit your needs, in terms of size and cost and to generate the maximum Return On Investment. It’s an easy but complicated job if taken for granted. Sometimes taking things easy might get you in a complicated situation.

Leave it to the experts “Brand Me Advertising”.

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An execution of exhibition stands compromised of a systematic process which has to be followed to get things completed on time as you get a limited time for installation/buildup. We at Brand Me Advertising make sure that none of the processes is left unattended and thing are ready when you need it and not when it’s completed.
With our expertise, we have served several clients in UAE and other countries including India, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen, etc.

All these clients are happy and satisfied with the service we have provided and they look forward to working with us in their future endeavors.
So whatever your needs are from a shell scheme to modular stands or custom made stand to portable stands, we have the answer to all your promotional needs.