Benefits of Digital Printing

17 October 2017,By BrandMeAdvertisng


Digitally printed labels or banners or any other marketing material are lively first-class labels that can be used for basically any project. Unlike flexographic presses that use polymer plates to handover ink onto materials, digital presses use dots of ink to re-form an image from a digital file. In recent times, digital printing services in Dubai have become extremely popular. The procedure is very alike to how your desktop printer works. If you’re new to custom labels, or in view of making the change from flexographic labels to digital labels, we’ve put composed the following few points that clearly explain why digital printing is better than any other form of printing. Take a look at them below:

1. Quick Turnaround

Digital printing doesn’t require plates which mean you don’t have to pay for a printing plate for each color on the label. No plates also mean a smaller arrangement time so your labels are printed sooner and you receive your labels in less time. As digital printing requires minimum equipment and machines it saves a lot of money and is very economical.

2. High Quality

When it comes to digital printing, high-quality visuals and colours grab the most responsiveness. Digital printing offers printing done at a resolution of nearly dual that of old-style flexographic label so your labels through digital printing end up with crunchy, vibrant images and life-like colors.

3. Price

No plates and less press setup time means the prices for digital label printing are comparatively small for small run labels as associated to flexographic labels.

4. Short Run Labels Capability

This cost/benefit is maximized for minor amounts of custom labels, also known as short run labels. Additional benefit of digital printing is that you can order only the quantity of labels you need for the moment, rather than be ordering labels in wholesale only to get the best price.

5. Design Flexibility

In order to be competitive in your offerings, you should frequently inspect whether your design works for enticing your target audience. The price of printing new label designs on a flexographic press can upset your lowest line due to plate costs and arrangement fees. If you have numerous product label designs, prices can add up even faster. With digital printing, there are no plate or arrangement fees, so we can start printing your labels faster and at an economical cost.

Digital printing is prevalent across numerous markets as it can print 500 or 5,000 custom labels with every specific label containing diverse facts. This capability is known as variable data printing which opens up abundant new imaginative potentials for modifying labels. You can add names from a database, successive numbers, numerous barcodes, or even design numerous versions of the same label. To get the best output through digital printing you can also check out some amazing digital printing companies in Dubai.

These were some benefits that clearly prove how digital printing is booming and why it is the best for any business type.