Benefits of Using LED Lights in Signage

13 November 2017,By BrandMeAdvertisng


LEDs have brushed the conservative lighting market for a diversity of reasons, particularly their lengthy lifespans, reduced energy intake and lower repairs requirements. Take a look at the advantages of using LED lights:

Energy efficiency

LED lights use about 50 percent less electricity than old-style glowing, fluorescent and halogen options, resultant in considerable energy cost savings, particularly for spaces with lights that are on for lengthy periods. LEDs also aim light in a precise direction unlike orthodox bulbs, which produce light and heat in all ways. This guiding lighting capability decreases wasted light and energy.

Extended life

Dissimilar to glowing lighting, LEDs don’t blister out or fail, they just dim over time. Excellent LEDs have a predictable lifespan of 30,000–50,000 hours or even lengthier, contingent on the feature of the lamp or fixture. A usual incandescent bulb lasts only about 1,000 hours; a comparable compact fluorescent lasts 8,000 to 10,000 hours. With an extended operational life, LEDs can reduce labour charges of changing bulbs in commercial situations, attaining a lower maintenance lighting system.

Cold temperature operation

LEDs love the cold unlike fluorescent lamps. At small temperatures, advanced voltage is required to start fluorescent lamps, and glowing flux is decreased. In contrast, LED performance upsurges as operating temperatures drop. This makes LEDs a usual fit for refrigerated display cases, freezers and cold storage spaces in addition to outside applications such as the carpark lot, building perimeter and signage. Check out the best signage advertising services in Dubai here.


Without monofilaments or glass enclosures, LEDs are rupture resistant and largely resistant to sensations and other impacts. Traditional lighting is usually contained in a glass or quartz exterior, which can be vulnerable to damage. LEDs, on the other hand, tend not to use any glass, as an alternative they are on a circuit board and linked with fused leads that can be vulnerable to direct impact, but no more so than mobile phones and similar small electronic devices.

Instant on

Most fluorescent and HID lamps do not provide complete illumination the moment they’re swapped on, with many demanding three minutes or more to reach extreme light output. LEDs come on at 100-percent glow almost instantly however, and with no re-strike delay. This can be helpful following a power outage or anytime staffs open a building during early morning hours when it is still dark outside.


It can take additional than a few dollars to create commercial fluorescent lighting systems dimmable, but LEDs, as semiconductor devices, are integrally well-matched with controls. Some LEDs can even be lowered to 10 percent of light output while most glowing lights only reach about 30 percent of full illumination. LEDs also offer nonstop, opposite to step-level, dimming.

These are some amazing reasons why led lights make your signage more attractive. There are many signage companies in Dubai that offer great services. You can check them out here.