Choosing The Right Led Screen For Your Business

13 Novmber 2018,By BrandMe Advertising

Signage Advertising

Choosing an LED screen for your business can be very tricky. When choosing the right LED screen for your business it is important to keep in mind some details and pointers so that you know that you are making the right choice while purchasing LED screens.

LED screens are generally created with panels made up of LED. These panels are connected to each other. It is very vital to ensure that these panels are fitting perfectly with each other. This part is crucial because even a small variation can disrupt or ruin the structure and quality of the entire screen. The panels of the LED screen come in various different options. However, the most common one is generally size 1.6ft. The next most important thing to consider is the pixel pitch. A pixel pitch of LED screen is generally the distance from center point of an LED and is usually measured in millimeters. You need to make the right choice depending upon the corporate event you are participating in.

This is surely a great advantage of the acrylic plastics. The toughness factor of the acrylic products make it ideal for different uses and purposes. Acrylic plastic is popularly used for windows and also for vehicle headlights for this reason. The weather resistant quality of acrylic plastic also ensures that the color stays protected and does not weary off easily or too soon.

Also when planning on to choosing the LED panels one needs to consider the fact that how one should be using the screen. Certain factors need to be in mind like the resolution of the screen, the content that you would like to display on the screen and also the venue that you would want to choose for placing your LED screen. For instance you need to decide upon the type of graphics you would want to display on the LED screens. Whether they are small graphics or big ones. If you event is an outdoor one or an indoor one. All of these factors play an important role when you are choosing an LED screen. Click here for more information about the signage companies in Dubai.

If the LED screen that you use in any event is for any indoor event you would want to prefer a smaller screen with a pixel pitch of say about 4mm. This is helpful for indoor events and will also ensure that the overall appearance of the screen is much better and the graphics displayed are clearer.

Well on the other hand if you are planning to buy an LED screen with a much larger pixel the audience is more likely to see the space between the pixels. This is usually not an ideal thing to consider. Although, in case of outdoor events you can use a larger pixel pitch LED. Usually the audience will not be as close to the screen and the distance is quite forgiving to the audience eye. For an outdoor event, if you are looking out for an LED screen with high definition you need to consider a 10mm screen.

Also keep in mind how you want the graphics to be displayed and accordingly select the screen for your business. It is very important to keep in mind the size and resolution of your graphics. For the best LED screen check out the outdoor advertising agency in Dubai.