Know Which Type Of Suitable And Where

14 July 2019,By BrandMe Advertising

Signage Advertising

Signage are limited by budget and imagination but not by possibilities. It is said that businesses tend to benefit more if they use different types of signage in their promotional strategy. Signs are numerous from simple ones to complex ones with a variation in their price range after consulting signage advertising companies in Dubai. We will explore all types of signage and their usages as per suitability.

Building mounted signage: Most brands use signs mounted in the exterior of their building, which helps their customers in locating the space and also works as a key branding strategy to a mass audience. There are various types of signage which are used for building mounted signs.

• Awnings is one sign which is typically above the door. It solves the purpose of branding as well as covering your door as a shelter.

• Canopy sign is also another signage which is placed at the entrance. It works as a marquee and is placed to extend from the exterior of a building.

• Parapet sign is placed on a wall which is alongside the edge of the roof and works extraordinary for long distance branding.

• Projecting sign is a signage in a perpendicular angle and is placed on building exterior.

• Roof sign is placed on a building’s roof and is known to be the most attractive tool of advertising.

• Sign band is used in buildings with tenants like shopping centers, malls and can accommodate a range of brands in one sign band.

• Some brands use window signage for promoting and is placed on windows’ exterior.

Digital signage: Digital signage is one of the newest for of signage and is extremely dynamic. It can cover a large screen area and can also accommodate multiple screens. Digital signage can be used in various areas like point-of-purchase displays at grocery stores, lobby areas, restaurant menus with digital boards, video wall displays for distant advertising. Digital signage is expensive as compared to various other display ads and covers a wide area. It is an extremely flexible medium and can have various updates like software updates, design changes etc. Digital signage is an attractive tool of advertising in Dubai and reflects a brand’s quality and professionalism.

Freestanding signage: The name itself explains the category of signage. These signs stand out and can be located from quite a long distance. Free standing sign can be used for multiple purposes like directional signs, wayfinding signs, electronic message centers, joint tenant signs, monument signs, pole signs.

Interior Signs: Interior signs can help your customers with in-store navigation. It can also help in branding purpose and these signs come with various shapes and forms. Some types of interior signage include wayfinding signs, directory signs, mall signs, point-of-purchase signs, regulatory signs and much more.

Vehicle wraps: A vehicle can be a rolling billboard. Vehicle graphics with vinyl wraps are one of the most trending tools of marketing and include cars, vans, trailers, trucks.