Retail Digital Signage

25 July 2017,By BrandMeAdvertisng

Retail Digital Signage

Grab your customers’ attention and influence their purchasing decisions right at the point of purchase. Digital signage opens the door to new design possibilities in retail spaces, creating a digital display that perfectly complements your products and store infrastructure. With their eye-catching visuals and dynamic messages, retail digital signage displays can transform an unremarkable store visit into an inviting and innovative shopping experience.
Have an impact and influence on customers at the pivotal moment in the shopping journey by making digital signage and solutions tailored to preferences.
Digital signage is no longer a novelty — it’s something sophisticated customers expect when they shop in a brick and mortar store. Today’s smart businesses are taking advantage of this, using the technology to:

  • Promote new products, special offers, and sales using in-store retail signage displays.

  • Attract additional traffic using the different ideas to showcase your products on your digital displays.

  • You can bring your store’s design to life with an enticing digital display of almost any shape and size.

  • Digital Signage helps you to advertise your merchandise, specials, quick serve restaurants and upcoming events.

  • You can create stand out, point of sale displays.

  • Digital Signage helps in providing directions with efficient, way finding information.

  • It helps to engage shoppers with multi-touch interactive content that lets them explore your store and products.

Digital solutions definitely affects shopper’s mindset towards your brand and it also have been proven to increase sales. By combining Internet-connected devices, the scope of how digital can improve the in-store experience is limitless, including smart dressing rooms and shelving, touch screen kiosks, assistive selling tools, beacons and more. Sales associates can be empowered to update screens in real-time to reflect current trends, in-store age or gender demographics, promote specific items or remove sold-out products from screens.

Today’s ever-connected customers are more informed and have higher expectations. And with the popularity of online shopping, stores are being forced to think beyond discounting to keep the in-store customers engaged. Brand Me Advertising aims to fill an important niche in the retail digital signage market.