Types of Signage Boards for your Business

21 February 2018,By BrandMe Advertising


Every day we happen to come across signage boards of various types. Have you ever pondered upon the fact that how many diverse types of signage boards there are? Well, there are actually too many to count. Nevertheless, you should know about the diverse types of sign boards for your industry. This can assist you to take benefit of sign boards that you use for your business advertising.

Conventional Sign Boards

A basic 2-D sheet and some dye is what creates a conventional sign board. This is the sign board from where all the future sign board ideas evolved from and is still broadly used for corporate advertising. Many signage companies in Dubai offer conventional sign boards. You can use the conventional type of signage board to capture the attention of huge spectators or potential customers. Another advantage of this type of signage board is that it can easily mount anywhere, even in spaces that have a limited area.

LED Sign Boards

LED sign boards make use of LED lights to transfer the message. This type of sign board is quite appealing and works particularly well at night. LED sign boards can be used to show high-resolution pictures as well as text to make a visually remarkable sign board. If you want to use a signage board that works for your business, then an LED sign board is unquestionably one of the sign board concepts you should consider.

3-D Sign Boards

This is one of the best and fascinating types of sign boards around. The 3-dimensional effect offers a pop to the sign board and looks truly spectacular. Using a 3-D sign board is a great way to get the attention of your possible customers and to promote your products efficiently. You can also check out some of the signage advertising services in Dubai, that excel in offering 3-D sign boards..

Neon sign boards

This kind of sign board uses neon lights which deliver an old-fashioned feel to the sign board. But neon boards usually consume a lot of power and are not very energy-efficient. But if the old-fashioned look factor is very significant for your business advertising, the best choice for you is surely the neon sign boards.

These were some of the most popular types of business sign boards that will surely help to grow your business. To learn more about sign boards and the top signage company in Dubai, click here.