Using Color Psychology For Your Signage

19 February 2019,By BrandMe Advertising

Signage Advertising

If you have been using science as a medium to promote your business we understand how confusing sometimes it might be when deciding upon the right design and colors for your signage. Signage in today’s time especially in the markets of Dubai plays an extremely important role in branding a store and also increasing its reach among the audience. Using the right content, shape and also color plays an extremely important role on how your potential audience shall react to a particular signage. Each individual has a different reaction to various colors and for this reason using the right color psychology for your signage plays an extremely important role. When you take in consideration the color psychology when deciding the design of your signage you can keep in mind various factors and make a design accordingly depending upon different factors like behaviors and also demographics.

Green Color For Creativity

It has been proven as per recent research by the signage companies in Dubai that the color green is connected with the perspective of a broader thinking and much more creative thought. Most people usually like the color green as it seems to be a positive color that provides good vibes to those viewing it. It also re-presents freshness, nature and also growth and development. So if you want your viewers to think this way about your brand green is an ideal color for your signage.

Read Refers To Analytical Thinking

As per various studies it was shown that the color red re-presents a more faster and forceful perspective. It also re-presence of competitiveness and is a vibrant color. Besides this red color has been widely used across to attract people. So if attraction is your primary objective your signage Dubai should definitely comprise of the color red.

Blue Is Accepted By All

A survey was conducted where a group of Audience was asked the question as to which is your favorite color. In the response most of them answered it to be blue. This is because blue has been widely used as a color to re-present a good sign. Besides retail stores even office buildings comprise of blue color that convey a feeling of satisfaction among its employees.

Orange Depicts Good Values

People across the globe have often associated the color orange with the good vibes and good values. It kind of creates an impact on the customers that you are a low-cost provider of various goods. And for this reason various high-end retailers in Dubai have been using orange as a color for the signage.

The Color Pink Comes People

An interesting fact about pink color is that it has been used in various locker room walls of sports teams as it is said to calm people down. It could be a great color for those who want to create a sign age probably for the meditation or for a boardroom where conversations generally get heated. The good thing about using different colors for your sign ages that you can change them quite often. All you need to do is think carefully before you decide upon a particular color keeping in mind as to what you want people to feel react to it after watching the color. If you use the right color on the right audience and at the right time it will surely help in improving your sales or any other objective that you wish to achieve.