Exhibition Stands

Exhibition stands construction

Participating in an exhibition, event, promotional campaign or presentation isn't your day-to-day activity. It’s always an urgent and important and it has to be 100 percent right. Through this understanding, we have come up with different solutions to take care of your urgent needs with a wide range of ready to use portable display systems to custom built stands. Our expertise is backed by high-quality, experienced staff.

We are here to make your job easier. Whether you are an Advertising Agency, Marketer, Business Development Manager, Procurement Specialist or a Business Owner you'll know about the challenges of staying ahead of the competition or conveying an important message. We work to make your life easier. We have an instant, friendly and free advice for your enquiries.
Apart from giving a rapid solution for you enquiries, Brand Me Advertising thrives by helping clients win visitors attention in trade shows or exhibitions. Our main objective is to meet your communication objective which in turn helps to maximize brand engagement with your target audience.
Our team consists of multi-skilled designers and skilled labors to plan and build unique exhibition stands of all kinds, which are supervised with highly experience industry specialists.

mall kiosk

We provide turnkey solutions for the following:

  • Stand Design & Fabrication
  • Merchandise Kiosks
  • In-Store Promotions
  • Airport Displays
  • Stand Management

Understanding the urgency in which the stand is erected, anything can go wrong. We work on every detail from the beginning of construction and a mockup is done at our warehouse before being taken to the venue so that all possible errors are erased even before it arises.

At Brand Me Advertising, Custom Built Exhibition Stands are designed and built in Dubai and installed UAE wide using our own experienced team of fabricators and installers.