Top tips for manning your exhibition stand

25 July 2017,By BrandMeAdvertisng

Digital Signage

Creating the wow-factor for your exhibition stand is important to create a strong, lasting impression and also standing out at a trade show. While you've heard it many times, first impressions really do count when it comes to attracting booth traffic. Even though your company may have superior products or services, along with a well-trained booth team, poor visual appeal can steer potential customers away from you into the hands of the competition.

Therefore, follow these key strategies for designing an eye-catching exhibition stand that will attract visitors and delivers results.


  • Use color- If your branding has a color theme, embrace it! This will help people to remember you.
  • Use images- Humans are highly visual creatures!
  • Make use of the space- If you have a big wall, make a big poster!
  • Use a catchy tagline- A strong catchphrase will capture attention. Choose something short and easy to read that embraces your product or service.


Be sure to capitalize on this height if it is allowed, as it will help you rise above (literally!) from your competitors.
Consider displaying your logo and signage across the exhibition hall by:
  • Creating a high arch for your display area
  • Building on tall central tower
  • Using a top truss with a rotating sign


  • Feature live product demonstrations to attract attention.
  • Interactive touch screen kiosk are a great way to engage people, and increase your display value- they don't take up much space, but can show a large range of information.
  • Make use of power points presentations.
  • Run interactive competitions or challenges.


Lighting allows visitors to clearly read text and view displays. But on a deeper level, it can convey a certain atmosphere and image. Lighting can also be used to highlight a particular area of your stand to bring attention to a product or service you are introducing.


Staff attending the stand are just as much a part of the visual as your biggest poster. Ensure they're dressed to fit into your display, and wearing their most important accessory - a smile!