Ways To Reuse Old Exhibition Stands

29 January 2020,By BrandMe Advertising

Signage Advertising

While participating in an exhibition is very essential for your business, it also involves a lot of cost. Let us admit that trade shows or exhibitions are quite a costly affair particularly if you have to participate in many of them. And one of the major cost involved when participating in an exhibition is creating an impactful exhibition stand. So if you have been participating in various exhibition it is quite pricey if you opt for creating a new exhibition stand for every event.

In order to save you from putting in a lot of money the best way is to reuse and old exhibition stand instead of buying a brand-new one. Trust us, this is one of the best options to opt for if you really want to save your budget and invest it in something else. So if you are planning to participate in the next exhibition any time soon and have a budget crunch, let us tell you that all you need to do is give a new life to your current exhibition stand. We have listed down some effective Ways in which you can use your exhibition stand.

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Change The Graphic Design

You must understand that using the same kind of graphic in every exhibition will make your exhibition stand look very dull and repetitive. For this reason you need to make certain changes or alterations in the graphic design in order to transform the entire look of your stand. You can do so simply by changing the graphics which are displayed on the exhibition. You can simply paste some new graphics which are relevant to the theme of the exhibition also. Besides this you can also change your content strategy by adding a new marketing message in your existing exhibition stand in order to make it look appealing and brand-new.

Change The Fabric Of Graphics

If you do not want to change your logo or even the graphics and content, you can simply reprint it on a new fabric. This is also another cost-effective way to make your exhibition stand appear a brand-new. You can also hire some of the best exhibition stand companies in Dubai in order to make your stand look appealing whenever you want.

Add Some New Furniture

Another effective way to add a complete makeover to your current exhibition booth is by adding some new furniture to the booth. Adding a few antique furniture is to your booth will make your display even far more attractive and appealing. This means that you do not need to redesign or invest a lot of your time in creating new graphics for your stand all you need to do is buy some latest furniture that can help you stand out. Make sure that the furniture you buy add aesthetic value to your booth.

Introduce Latest Technology

Recreating your exhibition booth does not mean that you have to change everything about your stand. Sometimes adding small innovative items such as LED video walls or digital kiosks or signage can also do the trick. A good advantage about most of these equipment is that these are also available on rental basis and so you need not invest in buying them.